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Jacob and I have been together since my senior year of High School when he surprised me on Valentine's Day, walking across an entire gym during a basketball game I was filming for journalism class - a dozen roses in hand to ask me to be his girlfriend he was in his first year of college and I had no idea he was making the trip home. The surprises have never ceased to disappoint, especially on this past July 6th, date. My family had gone out of town to visit my brother, sister-in-law and nephew in Chicago. But since I had to work after the 4th of July Holiday, we were unable to go and we decided to plan our own little "pretend" vacation right here in St. One of my very favorite places is the Boat House in Forest Park.


It seems to me that whenever there is a spontaneous sharing of genuine emotion, it in a hug.

And I think that together, we can create this world. You hold each other close and the energies of love and unity pass between you. We will schedule a day for it.

She haappiness me with words of happiness and hope. Friends, family members, lovers, children, adults, animals. The truth, I suspect, is that every human on this planet longs for love and wants to be happy.

So…what is a hug anyway? They grow up so fast ya know. Feeling close? To clasp or hold closely, especially in the arms, as in affection; embrace. And then tell us what you think… As always, Just Live Love! You are awesome and you have a fabulous week lovee of you.

To experience a genuine hug, you must open up your arms and heart. The images and the song in this video are touching and inspiring. Let's see what wonders the new week holds! Looking forward to reconnecting with the Just Live Lovers and inspiring each other!!! Deep down, we know that we Lige not our opinions, thoughts, or stories that we tell ourselves. To embrace or cling together closely.

Triumph, anguish, excitement, sadness, victory, defeat, passion, gratitude.

Live love and happiness

Let your hugs last a little longer… or a lot longer! Have a wonderful week and thank you for letting me be part of it.

It should be back up with old and new material very soon. We are one family, whether we choose to see it that way or not.

Bethany & jake

Or did the hug just happen naturally? Differences melt. Watch and see what open arms can do and how momentum builds…and then imagine our world if we all did this! We see those differences for what they are or were — mere opinions.

We see right into each other and see hhappiness essential oneness. Your kids will love watching it too. Hqppiness more information on the Free Hug Organizations, you can visit their website. Does it have something to do with bringing our hearts together?

In those great moments of happiness and spontaneity, why is it that the hug is the most natural thing to do? What is this hug phenomenon that transcends age, gender, race, culture, even species?

A quick online search reveals various definitions: 1. In those moments of the spontaneous outpouring of emotion, we return to love and oneness with another via the hug.

I hope he makes you laugh too. Let us know if you are interested in ing us.

Our shared oneness becomes the dominant and most important feeling. Simply touching? Go into each hug, each moment, happinesz and feel the love, feel your heart opening, your arms wrapping around another, feel the connection, the oneness, and the wonderful energy passing between you. Write a message.

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