Italian Man Likes Giving Foot Massages
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A foot fetish, or podophilia, is where feet, legs, stockings, shoes, or socks trigger sexual arousal in a person. People with fetishes become sexually aroused by certain things or specific body parts, such as the feet. Keep reading to learn more about what a foot fetish is, the science behind it, why people have fetishes, and how to introduce them into a relationship. A fetish is when an object or body part triggers sexually arousing fantasies and sexual urges in a person. One of the first people to study these behaviors was Sigmund Freud, who believed that fetishes arose during early childhood.


Some dogs are a little reticent about having their feet handled, but if you are gentle and introduce your dog slowly to foot massages, he will most likely come to appreciate them and it will make handling his feet to address nail trimming and other concerns much easier. Gently handling toes and manipulating paw p and feet using a circular motion to rub the paws, stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles, and gives you a great opportunity to inspect the paw, p, and nails for issues that need addressing.

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Introduction Your dog's tender toes take a lot of punishment on a daily basis, walking on everything from hard pavement, to prickly grass with weeds and underbrush with sticks and stones. Your dog's paw p and furry feet protect his paws, giving them cushioning and protection from rough conditions and heat and cold, and provide support to foot and leg tissues. Sometimes they could use a little tender loving care.

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A paw massage relaxes muscles and ligaments in the paws and toes and stimulates blood flow to the area. Another bonus, a paw massage gives you an opportunity to closely inspect your dog's feet, toes and nails and provide paw and nail care if necessary. Tangled hair between toes can cause hot spots, broken nails can snag on brush or carpet, dry cracked paw p need addressing, and broken skin on the paw is susceptible to infections. A foot massage allows you to identify these concerns and get them taken care of before they cause problems for Fido's feet.

Dog's Perspective Not all dogs like having their feet touched and manipulated. Toes can be ticklish or tender! If you start handling and massaging your dog's paws when he is young, or start working slowly and gently with an adult dog to massage his feet, your dog will learn to relax when having toes and feet manipulated.

The bonus is, it will make nail trimming easier if your dog is relaxed having his feet handled. Who doesn't like a nice foot rub once in a while? Gentle hold your dog's front paw.

Stretch out the paw and manipulate it gently. Stretch his toes out by holding each toe between your thumb and forefinger and gently extending each toe. Do not forget the dewclaw area. Carefully insert your forefinger between the p of the paw with your thumb wrapped around the foot.

Gently manipulate your finger between toes. Examine paws. Check paw p and toes for injury, snagged nails, matted hair or any other health concerns. If paw p look dry or cracked, massage in coconut oil or a dog friendly moisturizer. Moisturizer should be non toxic to dogs as they may lick off. If nails need clipping, now is a good time to do this, especially if you notice broken nails. When done, gently hold each paw for about 5 seconds, then release. Recommend grooming method? Lay your dog on his side, in a comfortable position on some padding so he can relax.

Or, if you have a small dog, lay him on your lap on his side. Take a front paw and start to rub the surface of the paw p gently then carefully start to rub between the p on the bottom of the paw. Massage the top of your dog's foot with your thumb in a circular motion for 30 seconds.

Finish by holding your dogs paw and squeezing very gently for about 5 seconds. Snagged nails should be trimmed. If hair is matted between toes, carefully tease it out with a comb or your fingers or trim with scissors held parallel to your dog with the tips pointing away from your dog. Do not squeeze paws or pull on toes too aggressively, they are sensitive and this hurts Remember dewclaws are part of your dog's feet too.

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