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MA " You really run an exceptional program and we consider pike very lucky to have been able to take all of these classes. This was my first Music Together experience. What liie incredible way to introduce young children to music!!! Wimens are two factors - the program and the instructor.

I am an amateur musician, and I raised 3 sons with extensive music involvement, so I can recognize an effective program. Music Together hits all of the right notes! Our experienced and enthusiastic instructor completed the perfect situation, executing the fantastic program in superb style. Montgojery Zajic My daughter has tuned in to the art of humming and singing to herself and I credit it to the class.

We listen to music more now that we have been taking the class and as a result she's picked up these new "abilities". Michelle Manning I am actually amazed that at her young age Daisy can already 'request' most of the songs on the CD and can even sing along to many of them. Kelly Hammond It is exciting to watch Joshua and Naomi listen so much more carefully to music than they have in the past. Lynne Snyder I love to see all the kids participating at each level - dancing, singing, interacting with the instruments.

I would like to say how wonderful it is to see Ali singing the songs she learned in class outside of class! Keep up the awesome classes! Andrea [Our son is] only 2 years old! And he has participated more and more each time. It has been great! We started when he could just barely sit up and now he walks, talks, dances and sings!

Steve and Sarah I remain amazed and thrilled by my son's growing love of music. He demands that I play one of his CDs as soon as we get in the car, and I love hearing him "singing" from the back seat.

There have been countless moments when I've laughed out loud, hearing him progress from simple "ba ba ba" sounds to the more sophisticated "umm umm umm", "oh oh oh" and -- two days ago -- "nigh nigh nigh". I also realized the other day that whenever he hears Montgoomery CD say "Get your instrument and play along", he immediately begins pounding on the on the arms of his carseat. He may not have an "official" instrument handy, but he makes do!!

Wendy Busy [Our MTM instructor] came up with all kinds of creative ways to make the class interactive and interesting from encouraging the kids to make up melody extension of the music, to various ways of dancing around the room. The class was really excellent and really fun.

What a wonderful journey it's been from mesmerized, immobile, smiling infants to wild, wooly, musical toddlers. We've watched them experience music at each stage their development, and it is so cool now to hear them spontaneously start singing the hello song to their toy trains Montgomegy to start playing the toy piano in rhythm with their dad's guitar playing.

It is a really terrific program. Diane Webber The moment we get in the car, she points to the radio until I turn on the MT CD, she sings and mimics back the sounds liks the CD, she loves playing her instruments now and is using other random objects as instruments It's been amazing to see her grow in such a short time. Great class! Eanna Orns Although she is very shy in class, Liv at 20 months, reguarly breaks into song at home and knows "the words" to most of the songs we sing.

For a long time, I could only coax her to sleep by singing the Hello song. Sonja McHugh My 2-year-old son has loved the song Ram-Sam-Sam from the beginning and part-way through the semester he started singing it to himself at home and in the car it was actually the first womwns he ever sang all the way through.

But it got even better. One day he was eating lunch and he started singing "A-yum yum yum, A-yum-yum-yum" to the tune of Ram-Sam-Sam!

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I was so amazed and impressed--I still can't believe he has internalized that song well enough to play around with the words. Thanks for everything. It has been wonderful to watch both my kids increase their confidence with the music.

Now they both in with the singing and the hand gestures and the movement. It has done so much for their confidence and love of music. Thank you!! All three of my grown children now know these songs by heart and spontaneously start singing them at family get togethers.

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Then we laugh a lot. My children have begun to make up their own songs, both substituting words to the tunes they learned in class and making up entirely new songs. I even spontaneously made up a song to get through a time at home that was boring and repetitive for me, and it has become part of our family repertoire. I don't think that would have happened before the Music Together classes sparked our creativity. Thank you for bringing out our 'inner composers"! She retold the tale of how she was quietly singing to herself an extremely amatuure occurrence, as she sings all the womenw "No More Pie", when the friend sitting next to her began to sing the replies.

Then, these two cool 'tweens' burst into a full-spirited rendition of the song in its entirety. It turns out her friend also has a younger sibling enrolled in a different Music Together class this session.

It is a testament to your musical selections that these two older siblings would both be willing to listen to and find enjoyment in the class CDand not declare it "baby music". Our entire family reaped benefits from Music Together and we thank you! Iin I must tell you that Jack has an absolutely wonderful time in Music Together!

He truly enjoys the class, and so do I. As a woman who really can't carry a tune, I was a little nervous, but our instructor creates an open and accepting environment where Jack and I both feel totally comfortable. Stone "We love Music Together! We have been participating since our daughter was 9.

Thank you for bringing music into our lives!! Can't wait to start another session. MB Music Together is our favorite activity! My daughter] ran to the stereo and was pointing and waving her hands for me to put the music on. She started dancing right away and sat right down when the "Riding in the car" song came on and did almost all the actions, it was so GREAT! She wanted more Music Together! Gris Before we moved back to Montgomery County, my child was in a mixed-age preschool for two years, and she luke so many wonderful things from the varied experience as a little one, and as a "big one.

Now she's the oldest in our MT class, and I think it works beautifully. Thank you! So these guys have no problem getting their hands on some. Al Burns : But they need a large amount to mix with all that coactive resinase, which is why Jay was looking for any unusually large shipments.

Mmmm just like that amature womens in montgomery

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Jay Lee : Got a hit on the time and date when he left the plastic store. Here we go. His name is David Lushing. Mmmmm a place over in Bushwick called Real Plastics. Normal order for this guy is a couple kilos a month. Last week, 40 kilos. Eddie Martin : How big a missile are we talking about? Al Burns : Big enough to give the Manhattan skyline a facelift.

Let's get over to Bushwick.

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About me. It's wonderful! What People Say lovely milf Isabelle Kelly Hammond It is exciting to watch Joshua and Naomi listen so much more carefully to music than they have in the past.

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