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He was the first athlete who brought professional massage therapist to all of his competitions, and credited massage therapy as a part of his success. Since then, most professional world athletes have been using sports-massage therapy as an integral part of their sports training routine. Undeniably, sports-massage therapy helps them train harder, compete better and rehabilitate faster.


By Teresa M. Are you a practicing massage therapist looking for an additional source of income or the ability to serve more clients? I began this same journey over 30 years ago and I have never looked back!

A CPT is credentialed to have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. Often, CPTs motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and ability to clients.

By adopting the mindset of a CPT, you will be empowered to see the body in a slightly different way than as an MT. Furthermore, it allows you to have a longer plan with a client and monitor progress with an alternate goal in mind. Simply stated, fitness training is not a luxury—it is often a necessity for many conditions and to help alleviate pain.

The same can certainly be said about massage therapy. In most states, for example, a massage therapist cannot prescribe corrective exercises. As a CPT, you will have that ability. Furthermore, as a LMT or BCTMB with a personal training background, you will be challenged to know more than just anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. In addition to those important subject matters, you will need to be well-rounded in exercise science, nutrition, program de, stretching and flexibility, strength training, balance training, as well as cardiovascular training, and assessment.

These skills will allow you to cater to your clients' needs of well-being. Just as in massage therapy, credentials are everything as a personal trainer.

As massage therapy was in the early days, personal training is not a truly regulated profession at this time. With that said, you will want to consider your chosen course of study to ensure you are attending a reputable personal training program that will best prepare you for success. Below is a list of various training program models you may encounter during your research:. Another important aspect to achieve the proper education and training is the course format. Just as in massage therapy, there are many ways to learn new skills and prepare for your credential. Some organizations hold live courses, which give you detailed hands-on training and in-person exams.

Other organizations offer home study courses, and then test you. Some just offer you the ability to self-train, access a study guide, and test. The best course of action when choosing the training program that is right for you is to do your homework, ask lots of questions, know what you are getting for your money, and pick the program structure that is best for you.

Don't forget, like massage therapy, you will want to maintain your credential by achieving continuing education. Generally, accredited certifications will require you to take additional coursework within a two-year period to maintain your CPT. To get started on your search for a reputable personal training program near you, you may find the following search terms to enter into Google useful:. With the ability to offer CPT sessions as well as massage therapy sessions, you may decide to structure your business in a way that provides access to both offerings for your clients.

You may also Trade personal training for massage to operate both businesses separately.

While the optimal business setup for running both businesses is unique to everyone, the bottom line is that you will be empowered to offer more to your current clients and gain new ones. The best part about starting this second business?

Grow your expertise and knowledge and become dual skilled in massage & pt

Your clients are probably already in your massage book! Particularly with repetitive clients, you have already built trust; your clients already view you as an expert at your craft. Therefore, they are likely to welcome additional health care from you—you may not need to "sell" anything new at all, as they want it already.

To help promote both businesses, allow your business cards, menus, and wall brochures to share your expertise for you. Include your credentials and easy means for current and potential clients to contact you. And, most importantly, include the information they want to know—pricing. If you prefer to keep the massage part of the business totally separate from the personal training part, be sure to list pricing for each service.

It is not uncommon to charge the same price for each session massage and personal trainingso you may consider that as you begin. For business owners that choose this route, it allows them to create packages for so many sessions combined. Just as you will learn, clients tell their success stories best. Be sure to collect them often! Here are some brief snapshots of the success my clients have achieved utilizing my cross-functional credentials. Success Story 1 : The client was diagnosed with advanced rheumatoid arthritis. Some days, she had difficulties just holding a frying pan—making daily tasks and meal preparation a challenge.

Together, we customized a plan for her to lessen the effects of her condition.

This included meal preparation planning, stretching exercises, stress management techniques, as well as routine massage appointments. Success Story 2 : Another client presented with fibromyalgia.

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On top of that, she had a very stressful job—which only heightened her pain levels. Together, we devised a plan for routine massages, stretching, and strength training exercises to help her better manage stress present in her daily life. Success Story 3 : The client was an ex-professional tennis player and current coach.

Despite routine deep tissue massages, he felt his cardio and strength training routines were no longer fitting with age. As a CPT and massage therapist, I was able to prescribe corrective exercises to address his common pain points, as well as a cardio and strength training plan suitable for his age and activity level.

Massage for personal training

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